Call topics
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Call topics

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Topics help you find and analyze business-critical discussions, and coach your team. Topics are subjects that Gong has identified as coming up regularly in your company’s calls. For example, small talk, pricing or support issues may be classified as topics. Topics are displayed on the call page, in call filters, in team stats, and in Whisper.

The list of topics associated with your calls is unique to your company. We go through your calls, flag certain words and phrases, and associate them with specific topics. Topic models can be created for each workspace in your organization, and in any language that has transcript support.

Where can you see call topics?

On the call page

Call topics are shown on the call page, immediately below the call screen. They help you understand at a glance what was discussed in the call, and when. Click on any topic to see where it was covered in the call.  Topics are named and color-coded. The subject discussed the most is referred to as the main topic.

As a call filter

You can filter for calls according to whether or not specific topics were discussed. For example, if you want to hear calls in which the topic of pricing came up, add the Topic filter to the Search page, and then scroll through the options to find the topic you want to search for. Choose whether you want to find calls in which the topic was or was not discussed. You can also choose to find calls in which a certain topic was discussed for a certain percentage of the call.


In team stats

Managers can help their teams learn and grow by working with topic statistics. For example:

  • Review the time spent by each team member on promoting a new value proposition

  • Verify that team members are not spending too much time on small-talk  

  • See what topics are being discussed more by A-level reps


In Whisper

Topics can be used when setting up coaching Whispers. For more about Whisper, see this.

Out-of-the-box topics

Out-of-the-box topics that cover generic subjects include:

  • Call Setup: Includes references like “zoom links” or “start the recording”

  • Small Talk: Includes references like “it's raining” or “where are you based?”

  • Next Steps: Includes references like “next week” or “let’s set up another call”

  • Pricing: Includes references like “that’s too expensive” or ”we need a discount”

  • Wrap-up: Includes references like “thank you very much guys” or “ have a great day”

Custom topics

Your business admin may work with your CSM to create topics that are unique to your business. In addition, topics can be created in languages other than English. Learn more

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