Connect Office 365 user-by-user
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Connect Office 365 user-by-user

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Where to go: Company settings > Data capture > Office 365

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In this connection, the technical admin:

  • Is the first user to connect to Office 365.

  • Sets up the company-level calendar import.

  • Turns on the email data capture setting for users.

Each user must then connect their Office 365 email to Gong.

Give Gong access to Office 365

Connect to Office 365 and give Gong access to calendar meetings and emails:

  1. On the Office 365 settings page, click SET UP USER-BY-USER CONNECTION.


    If you are already connected, jump to Define connection import settings.

  2. Based on your connection type, you are guided through the process of granting Gong access permissions.

    Once the permissions are granted, the dialog closes, and a success message is displayed.

Define connection import settings

  1. In the Office 365 integration settings page, turn on import of calendar meetings, and select what type of meetings to import:


    These settings require a paid Gong seat. Learn more.


    By default, we turn on import for calendar meetings and emails, which is highly recommended so that your salespeople benefit from seeing a comprehensive view of deal activity, all in one place.

    • Import meetings set to be recorded: only meetings that match recording settings are imported.

    • Import all meetings, including meetings not set to be recorded: all meetings, including meetings with CRM contacts that are face to face, scheduled by the contact, or with a missing URL—but with the exception of private calls—are imported.

      When this option is turned on, we import meetings from the last 12 months where we can match the participants with a CRM account.

    • Note that there are additional setup requirements for importing meetings not set to be recorded.

  2. Turn on import of emails.

  3. Turn on the ability for team members to send emails via Gong.

Turn on data capture

You must turn on data capture for relevant team members in order to complete the integration. For details, see Change settings for a team


Team managers can check the status of their team’s connections in My Settings. If they have permission, they can turn on email import from this screen.

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