View meetings without scheduled recordings
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View meetings without scheduled recordings

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We know that not every meeting gets recorded, for example, face-to-face meetings, customer-scheduled calls, or when a web-conference URL is not included in the invite.

However, it's important to track every customer interaction so you can gain important visibility into deal progress and insights into buying signals by viewing meetings that take place but are not scheduled for recording.

No matter what your role is, this helps you to:

  • Learn if deal activity cadence is on course

  • Review the invitees to make sure the right people are on the call

  • Review the meeting description to understand the purpose of the meeting.

We pull meetings associated with CRM contacts into Gong when they appear in your calendar, regardless of whether or not they are accepted, and regardless of whether or not they are recorded, with the exception of private calls. They appear alongside your recorded meetings and other events in your activity timeline, which is available via the Deals page tabs, in the account page, and the Activity page.

Meetings without scheduled recordings are shown with theSkippedicon. They are  marked as Not recorded if they already took place, and Will not be recorded if they're in the future.

Some things to note about meetings without scheduled recording:

  • They do count as activity when we calculate deal warnings.

  • They can be deleted from Gong by the host or any participant in the Activity page.

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