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All about streams

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Streams in Gong help users save time by automatically collecting important calls based on set criteria. Users can filter calls, receive notifications for new calls, and manage streams. To view a stream, go to Conversations and select the desired stream. Out of the box streams are available, such as Deal streams and Economic Pulse stream. Managers are automatically subscribed to the Economic Pulse stream to receive weekly emails about relevant calls. Users can customize streams by adding or removing filters. Overall, streams in Gong streamline call management and facilitate access to relevant information.

Streams save you time and help you find calls that are important to you by automatically collecting calls as they happen, according to criteria that you set. With streams you can:

  • Filter the calls that go into each stream according to words, trackers, call titles and more.

  • Let people know when new calls are added to a stream via email or Slack.

Learn how to create and manage streams here.

Note: For a winning recipe on how to integrate streams in your workflow, see: Coaching in a pipeline review.

View a stream

Go to Conversations > Your library or Conversations > Company library. Click on the stream you want to view from the left panel.

Calls that have been collected in the stream are shown on the right, with the most recent call at the top.

  • Hover over the top right corner of any call card and you can add the call to a folder.

  • Click on any call to open its call page.

Note: If you don't have permission to access a call, it appears unavailable.

Out-of-the-box streams

Out-of-the-box streams are already collecting calls for you. You can edit these by adding or removing filters. Subscribe to them and you'll be notified about new calls.

  • Deal streams collect calls relating to deal stages:

    • Stage: Closed lost

    • Stage: Closed Won-Rollover

    • Stage: Discover

  • The Economic pulse (by Gong) stream collects calls where the economy is discussed by customers. For example, when customers mention layoffs, recession, inflation, market dynamics or similar. These terms are defined in the Economic pulse (by Gong) tracker.

    Managers are automatically subscribed to the Economic Pulse (by Gong) stream. This means they get a weekly mail with calls hosted by members on their team if the economy was discussed. Managers can unsubscribe directly from the mail or from the My Notifications page.

    Note: The mail is sent to managers based on the team hierarchy defined when they were added as Gong team members.

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