Sync emails to HubSpot
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Sync emails to HubSpot

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Where to go: Click Company settings > HubSpot

Export your emails to HubSpot to see all communication with customers in the relevant place, for example, to see all emails associated with a deal or account. You can set whether to only export emails written using the Gong email composer or to export all emails in your system. You can also choose which user's emails are exported to HubSpot.

To export emails to Hubspot:

  1. In the HubSpot integration page, scroll down to Export to HubSpot and select the workspaces you want to export emails from.

  2. Choose whether to export All Emails to HubSpot, or only Emails Written in Gong, (emails written using the Gong email composer).

  3. Select which team members you want to export emails for. By default no team members are selected and no emails are pushed to HubSpot for the workspace. Click Edit to add or remove team members whose emails should be exported to HubSpot.

    1. In the Add/remove team members dialog, search for the employee name, team or job title you want to export emails to HubSpot for.

    2. Click the team members or teams to add them to the list, and click the X to remove them from the list.

    3. Click OK to close the dialog. The number of team members should be updated.

  4. Click UPDATE  to save the changes.

Once your emails are exported to HubSpot, you will be able to see them in their relevant entities, such as accounts or deals. We also display a list of entities associated with the email so you can easily view them. Below is an example of an email imported to HubSpot.

Updating the contact's opt out field in HubSpot

Prospects who request not to be contacted are marked as Do not contact in Gong Engage. In order to export the opt out field to HubSpot you must authorize the Gong integration user to update the contact's opt out field in HubSpot. This is in addition to the regular permissions when setting up the integration.


This is only relevant for organizations with Gong Engage.

To enable Gong to update the opt out field in HubSpot

  1. In the HubSpot settings page, scroll down to Enable update of opt out field in HubSpot.

  2. If the opt out field has already been set up to be updated by Gong you will see a status that Gong can update the field. If Gong can't update the field, click Give permission.

  3. Log into HubSpot with the credentials of the integration user. Browse to the relevant area and allow update of the opt out field.

  4. The status in the HubSpot settings page is updated to show that the field can be updated by Gong.

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