Required HubSpot fields that Gong accesses
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Required HubSpot fields that Gong accesses

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When you connect your Gong account to HubSpot, Gong can access any HubSpot data that the user has access to.

Gong requires access to the following objects and fields:




Company Domain

Last Modified Date





Phone number

Email address


Account ID


Close Date

Deal Name

Deal Stage

Last Modified Date

Owner ID

Supported field types

Fields that are fully supported are imported to Gong and updated in the CRM if you update the value in Gong. Support for a field type depends on where in Gong the field is displayed.

The following field types are fully supported in Gong.

  • Single-line text

  • Phone Number

  • Text Area

  • Currency

  • Single checkbox

  • Date Picker

  • Dropdown select

  • Radio select

  • Number

No support:

  • Multiple checkboxes

  • File

  • HubSpot user

Limited support

Rich text fields can be viewed and updated in each entity they are displayed in, but any formatting applied to the field is not supported. The field is displayed without any formatting and if you update the field in Gong, it will be updated without the formatting in the CRM.

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