FAQs for HubSpot integration
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FAQs for HubSpot integration

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Connecting to HubSpot allows team members to search and analyze conversations based on specific fields. Gong connects to HubSpot using OAuth authentication and imports companies, deals, and contacts for analysis. Tech admins can customize which fields are imported and control CRM user access. Gong uses HubSpot data to enhance call insights and analytics. API usage is minimal, with one call per recorded call. All external calls associated with contacts, companies, or deals are pushed to HubSpot, showing meeting details and action items. Deleting a call in Gong also removes it from HubSpot. Past calls are not pushed to HubSpot after initial setup. Duplicates may occur if calendar meetings are synced with another app. Gong admins can configure the HubSpot integration for optimal use.

Why should I connect to HubSpot?

Connect to HubSpot to enable team members to search and analyze conversations based on HubSpot fields, like stage or amount.

How does Gong connect to HubSpot?

Gong uses OAuth authentication to connect to HubSpot. We don’t store any credentials, just the OAuth token.

What permissions are required?

The person who connects Gong to HubSpot should have read/write permissions to the contacts scope (we read the following HubSpot objects: contacts, companies, deals, pipelines, owners, and engagements).

What HubSpot data does Gong import?

Gong imports companies, deals, and contacts and associates them with conversations. Tech admins can set up Gong so that it imports standard fields and any designated custom fields. Tech admins control which CRM user is used for the CRM connection and restrict access to data.

Team members can search and analyze conversations based on built-in and custom fields in companies, contacts, and deals.

Can I control what HubSpot data is imported to Gong?

Yes. You can select which HubSpot fields (built-in and custom fields) to import into Gong. For more details, see Set import of HubSpot fields.

How does Gong use HubSpot data?

Gong stores the data we pull from HubSpot, and use it to enrich your call data, providing deep insights and analytics.

What's the API usage importing Gong calls to HubSpot?

API usage is very small. Gong performs one API call per recorded call in Gong. When you first install the API, there will probably be a spike in API calls due to the syncing of historically recorded calls.

What types of calls are pushed to HubSpot?

All external (customer) calls that are associated with at least one contact, company, or deal.

What call information is shown in HubSpot?

The meeting object contains a list of attendees, a link (URL) to the recording in Gong, and action items based on the call transcript.

If I delete a call in Gong, does it affect the call in HubSpot?

Yes. The action of deleting a call in Gong deletes it from HubSpot also - the entire meeting record is deleted.

After setting calls to be pushed to HubSpot, will past calls be pushed?

No. Once you set up call creation in HubSpot, only newly-processed calls are pushed.

Why can I see duplicates of a meeting in HubSpot?

Gong only exports recorded calls to HubSpot one time.

However, calls may be duplicated if you also sync your calendar meetings with another app, such as Google calendar. In this case, you can set your calls to be exported to Hubspot as calls or notes, instead of meetings. Contact your Gong admin to configure the Hubspot integration.

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