Upload forecast targets
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Upload forecast targets

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Who's this for? Revenue Ops, Business Admin with "Edit target" permissions set to "All" (as assigned by your admin in your permission profile).

Where to go? Deals > Forecast

Plan: Working with Gong Forecast requires a Forecast seat.

It's easy to upload your team's targets for each business line from a CSV file. You can upload targets for any period, including past periods. Currently, the only way to update forecast targets is by using this method.

Note: If you upload only monthly targets, we do not calculate your quarterly numbers automatically; that is, the quarterly target will be empty. This gives you the flexibility to distribute the quarterly target across months however you want.

Important info

As with all CSV uploads, get it right the first time for a hassle-free experience.

The image below shows the column headers your CSV file should include, and valid formats per row.

Add a new row for every quota-carrying person in your org, and make sure that each row includes a valid value for every column, otherwise the upload will fail.

Tip: In the Upload target modal, click DOWNLOAD EXAMPLE to get a useful CSV file that you can customize with your own targets.



To upload targets

  1. Go to Deals > Forecast.

  2. Select the line of business you want to upload targets for.

  3. Click > Import targets.

  4. Select the file, and click Upload.

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