Gong Forecast from A-Z
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Gong Forecast from A-Z

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EVERYTHING you need to know about Gong Forecast, you can get to from here!


Get Gong Forecast!

These steps to be completed by the Gong tech admin:

  1. Make sure you meet the prerequisites: Gong Forecast seat and permission profile overview

  2. Buy Gong Forecast seats: Plans and seats

Set up

These steps to be completed by the Gong business admin (usually SalesOps or a leader with this role):


Take the training! Head to our Academy to find training aimed at admins and frontline managers on getting started with Gong Forecast.

  1. Set up & assign two permission profiles for people forecasting: Set up a permission profile, specifically steps 10-11

  2. Make sure you're importing all the relevant CRM fields

  3. Set up your line of business forecast boards

  4. Set warnings on deals for forecasts

  5. Set up: Upload forecast targets

  6. Set up a view to see your business totals

Ramp up your team

These steps to be completed by SalesOps, Sales leaders and frontline managers (FLMs) with reps:

  1. Week 1: Complete training in Gong Academy, hold a kickoff meeting to introduce the team, submit your first forecast!

    We highly recommend the following Academy courses:

  2. Week 2: Hold your first weekly forecast review meeting, drill into the deals in your forecast categories, make notes on deals, submit your second weekly forecast.

  3. Week 3: Hold your second weekly forecast review meeting, make notes on deals, submit your third weekly forecast.

  4. Week 4 and onwards: Take a look at how team forecasting is progressing, and roll up reality-based numbers with confidence.

Stay on top of your forecast activity

SalesOps, Sales leaders, and frontline managers:

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