Reality-based forecasting
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Reality-based forecasting

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Where to go? Deals > Forecast

With Gong, drilling down to the deals behind the numbers is easy, giving you immediate access to all the CRM data, conversation activities, deal warnings, and other engagement events for every deal.

Gong Forecast enables you to forecast with confidence and demonstrate command over your business, whatever your role. Call your number while looking at your current pipeline, with instant access to deal drill-downs, risk, and forecast changes, all in one place.

Bottom-up forecasting for the whole org

Once you've set up your forecast methodology as a top-down motion, Gong Forecast also supports you bottom-up, allowing reps to update their forecast number and add notes across all forecasting categories used by your business. In turn, leaders can see their reps' forecasts in one place, and update their own, eradicating the need for labor-intensive and misaligned processes, steering away from opinion-based forecasts.

  • Roll up reps and sales leaders' forecasts in one place

  • Get timely reminders and forecast update status

  • Forecast with greater confidence and accuracy

Easy set-up

Set up a customized forecast board for each line of business in your sales org. Each person only sees their own forecasts, while managers see the forecasts of their direct reports (this can be controlled granularly via permission profiles).

Tip: Take the training! Get trained on setting up Gong Forecast in our Academy!

Learn how to set up a forecast board for each line of business.

Forecast with confidence

Forecast boards serve as an objective thermometer of your pipeline, showing you your proximity to hitting target and how much pipeline coverage you have to meet your remaining target.

For each forecast category, update your number for the week with easy access to all critical data points:

  • All deals in that forecast category

  • All deals that are in and out of that forecast category, the reason, and the value

  • An audit log of your team's changes to the forecast

Forecast for multiple lines of business

As you typically forecast separately for each line of business, you can create different boards per line, for example for "New business" vs "Renewals", or additional business lines and geographies.

Tip: Use multiple filters to better slice and dice the deals displayed per forecast category in different lines of business.

See how your business lines roll up

The Business total view shows how your forecast totals roll in a consolidated summary. See different sales forecasts, for example, across regions, territories, teams, or product lines, to aggregate your overall projected sales performance.

You can add and remove business lines to show different calculations ad hoc.

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