Start using Gong Forecast
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Start using Gong Forecast

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Congratulations on getting Gong Forecast!

Here are our recommendations for the best way to get your team forecasting with Gong.

Week 1 - Hit the ground running


Learn about it! Have everyone complete the relevant learning module:


Have a Gong Forecast kickoff meeting to set expectations.

  • Emphasize the importance of forecasting to the business including company growth, funding, valuation, and so on

  • Every rep must populate their forecast in Gong before EOD Friday every week

  • There will be an all-team review of the Gong Forecast board every Monday

  • Understand that week 1 will likely be a “best guess forecast” and that you'll continue to refine the process from there

  • Set aside 30 minutes during this kickoff to complete Gong Academy training (links above)


point-icon.png Reps and managers submit their first weekly forecast

Week 2 - Understand the reality behind your numbers


Host your first weekly forecast review meeting out of Gong Forecast.

  • Gather feedback about what went well, what didn’t, and where the team needs help using Gong Forecast

  • Look at the week 1 forecast and start isolating specific deals


Did a deal change mid-week? Identify that change and document the impact right away in Gong Forecast. It’ll save you time at the end of the week!


point-icon.png Reps and managers enter their second weekly forecast.

Week 3 - Have more productive forecast meetings


Drive your weekly forecast meeting exclusively out of Gong Forecast. Zero in on:

  • Deals with warnings

  • The delta between the deal rollup and what reps called

  • Week over week movements

  • Strategic next steps needed to get deals over the finish line


point-icon.png Reps and managers enter their third weekly forecast

Week 4 - Feel confident in the validity of your numbers and report on the big picture


Review their team’s Gong Progress page to inform leadership update


Bring Gong Forecast into CxO Forecast Review


Take a pulse on forecasting accuracy gearing up for your next month


point-icon.png Reps and managers enter their first monthly forecast

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