To-dos created by you
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To-dos created by you

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To-dos created by you

These include one-off to-dos you can create for yourself. Use them to set yourself reminders, to plan your day, or to break down your next step for a deal or an account into smaller action items. You do not need to be the contact or lead owner to create an associated one-off to-do.

When creating a one-off to-do, you can choose the to-do type: email, call, or task.


Depending on which task type you choose, the to-do appears in To-dos under its respective column. The to-do type is set to 'Email' by default.

For a one-off to-do where you've selected email or call as to-do type, selecting the person you want to email or call is required. For leads, no account will be shown. For contacts, the connected account will be shown automatically.

For a one-off to-do where you've selected task as to-do type, selecting a person is optional. If you select a lead from the list, the account field is disabled. You can also leave the 'person' field blank and just choose an account.

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