The benefits of integrating HubSpot and Gong
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The benefits of integrating HubSpot and Gong

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Tailor Gong to your organization’s practices, so that its findings are better aligned with your needs and so that you can search for calls based on the CRM fields that matter to you. Within Gong, use HubSpot fields to filter calls and search results, as part of the Whisper ranking criteria, and on the account page.

For example, see who's doing really well in a given month and then check out what these high performers are asking customers.

You can also send Gong call data and metrics to HubSpot go here for the easy way (or here for instructions on doing this with a Zap). This allows you to:

  • Access Gong Data. Easily access conversation data created by Gong and modeled for your use cases.

  • Insightful Reports. Cross-correlate your Gong data with your HubSpot data to create reports analyzing deals and accounts, using call level metrics.

  • Measure KPIs. See your Gong call data integrated within HubSpot. HubSpot reports give you more insights into your team and pipeline.

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