Troubleshooting Gong data missing in your CRM
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Troubleshooting Gong data missing in your CRM

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You can expect to see new data you’ve chosen to export to your CRM within half an hour of the activity occurring. Activities that are updated, such as with new tracker data, or updating meeting invites with the meeting details may take longer.

If your activities don’t appear in the CRM within this time check the following:

Team member settings

Make sure your team members are set so that their activities (emails, calls) are captured by Gong. This is either done when setting up provisioning, or setting individual team members data capture settings.

Missing emails

If your emails aren’t displayed in your CRM make sure your CRM is configured to export emails to your CRM:

  • For Salesforce and HubSpot: Click Company settings > CRM > Salesforce or HubSpot. Select which workspaces you want to export emails for.

Ensure that you have set the following:

  • The workspaces you want emails to be exported for

  • Whether you want all emails or only emails written in Gong

  • The team members you want emails exported for.

For more details see, Create Salesforce tasks for Gong activities or Sync emails to HubSpot.

Missing calls

If your calls aren’t displayed in your CRM, check the following settings:

In your CRM integration page, make sure you have selected to export Meeting invites, Conference calls and Telephony system calls.

If you installed the Gong for Salesforce app, ensure that you have selected to export call data, and which calls to export for each workspace.

If after ensuring your settings are configured correctly your activities still aren't displayed in your CRM, contact Gong support.

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