Reply to comments in Slack
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Reply to comments in Slack

Article summary

If you're getting notifications on comments in Slack, you can reply to them directly in Slack, and they'll be synced into Gong.

What you need to know:

  • Learn how to turn Slack notifications on and off here

  • Learn about notifications here

What you can do in Slack:

  • Reply to comment notifications in thread

    • Do: Enter a text comment, include links, tag Gong users, use your Gong hashtags*

      * When using hashtags, Slack offers you a list of Slack channels. Use the full Gong hashtag for it to be picked up in Gong when your comment is synced.

    • Don't:

      • Reply with gifs, images, or files - we can't show them in Gong

      • Put an emoji on the comment - we can't show that in Gong

  • Edit your reply

  • Delete your reply

Your replies, edits, and deletes are immediately synced to Gong, and vice versa.

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