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Review a comment

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Where to go: To the call you want to leave a comment on

Review comments to see where you've been asked to give feedback, to collaborate on the call, and to see other people's reactions and discussion around the call.

You are notified of comments that you are tagged in in the call's email summary, and in Collaboration > Received. on your homepage. Once you've been tagged on a call, you're following that call, and you'll be notified of any new comments made.

View comments

Do one of the following:

  • In the call summary email, click the comment you were tagged in.

  • In your homepage Collaboration > Received, and click on the relevant call to go to it.

On the call page Comments tab, click the timestamp on the comment to listen to that part of the call. Comments are highlighted with a yellow line when you play the same timestamped part of the call.

Reply to a comment

  1. At the bottom of the comment you want to reply to, click REPLY.

  2. Enter your reply, and click POST.

    If you are a manager replying to a comment your rep tagged you in, your reply is considered giving feedback.


    Click the smiley next to REPLY to leave an emoji on a comment.

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