About notifications on comments
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About notifications on comments

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You're notified about comments in Gong in Collaboration > Received on your homepage.

When you'll be notified

Here's when you can expect to be notified about a comment made on a call:

  • When someone comments on a call you follow.

    Calls you follow are defined as:

    • A call you participated in or are in the participants list for, whether you attended or not

    • A call someone mentioned you in a comment on

    • A call comment thread you participated in

    • A call that you subscribed to by clicking Notify me about new comments in the call page Comments panel

  • When someone mentions you in a comment

  • When someone replies to your comment

  • When someone replies in a thread you commented in

Get notified outside Gong

Stay on top of important deal collaboration by making sure you're notified via email or Slack when someone comments on a call you're following.

  1. In Gong, click your name at the top right, and go to My Notifications > Comments.

  2. Make sure that notifications for comments are turned on for email or Slack, as per your preference.

When you won't be notified about a comment

You won't get notified in the following situations:

  • When you made the comment, even when you tag yourself

  • When you aren't permitted to see the comment. For example, when the comment is set to be shown to specific people only.

  • When the comment is shared with specific people, you won't receive a notification unless you are tagged.

Good to know

  • For email notifications, Gong gathers comments that are made within a 30 minute period into one batch, so that if someone leaves multiple comments within a 30 minute window, you're only notified once.

  • When you get notifications about comments in Slack, you can reply to them directly in Slack, and the comments will be synced with Gong. For more, read this.

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