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Download a call

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Download call recordings as video or audio files to view offline or share with colleagues. The download option can be found on the call page by clicking in the top right corner, selecting Download, and choosing Audio or Video. Confirm the download and ensure personal information in the file is kept confidential due to data protection regulations. Contact Gong admin if the download option is not visible.

Download call recordings, either as video or audio files, so you can view them offline or share them with colleagues. The ability to download calls is set in your permission profile. If you don’t see it and think you should, contact your Gong admin.

  1. Go to the call page.

  2. ClickButton____1_.png in the top right corner.

  3. Select Download, and then select Audio or Video.

  4. In the dialog that opens, confirm that you want to download the file.

Before the call starts to download, you'll be warned that the file may contain personal information subject to various data protection regulations. Please make sure that any personal information in the file is kept confidential.

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