Create a call snippet
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Create a call snippet

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Call snippets are short segments of a call. Snippets may include a customer describing a feature or support request, positive feedback, a question you want help answering, and more. Create snippets from the call timeline or transcript, share them with with customers or colleagues, save them in the library, embed them in 3rd party applications, and more.

Creating a call snippet doesn't affect the original call, which remains intact, so you can create as many snippets from a call as you like.

Create a snippet from the call timeline

  1. Open the call page and click under the call screen.

  2. Yellow bars appear on the timeline below the call screen. Move the bars to the part of the call you want to select.

    The area selected in the timeline is highlighted in yellow in the transcript, and anchored by pointers in the timeline. The selection is synchronized as you drag either the yellow bars or the transcript pointers.

  3. In the open action menu, choose what you want to do. You can share the call internally or with customers, add a comment, add the call to the library, and more.

Create a snippet from the transcript

  1. Open a call and click the Transcript tab.

  2. Select part of the transcript.

  3. An action menu opens beside the selected part of the transcript. Clickto open an action menu and choose what you want to do. From here you can share the snippet, comment on it, add it to the library, and more.

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