Configure email tracking
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Configure email tracking

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To work with Gong Engage, an Engage seat is required. This feature is for Admin users and can be accessed in the Company settings under the Engage section. Email tracking, including opens and clicks, can be enabled in the Email settings. To set up email tracking, go to Company settings, click on Email settings, and choose the tracking options. Email tracking can impact deliverability positively or negatively, but it is optional through Gong, allowing organizations to choose what suits them best.


Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Admin

Where to go? Sidebar > Company settings > Engage > Email settings > Email tracking

You can track email opens and clicks for emails sent from the Gong email composer. When enabled, opens and clicks are displayed as digital interactions in Engage.


To set up email tracking:

  1. Go to Company settings

  2. In the Engage section, click Email settings

  3. Scroll to the Email tracking section

  4. Choose whether you want to enable open tracking, and/or link click tracking

Email tracking FAQs

What effect does tracking have on email deliverability?

Email tracking can impact deliverability both positively and negatively. Email tracking through Gong is optional, so you can choose what's best for your organization.

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