How does email tracking work?
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How does email tracking work?

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The content explains how email tracking works for reps and admins. An invisible tracking pixel is used to track email opens, and link clicks are tracked by replacing URLs with custom tracking URLs. However, other triggers can cause inflated email open numbers, such as opening your own sent email, forwarding emails, spam filters, outgoing mail server filters, browser extensions, and CC/BCC'd recipients. These triggers can lead to false positives in email open counts. It is recommended to review sent emails from the activity timeline in Gong to avoid counting towards email opens.

Who's this for? Reps and admins

We track whenever an email is opened using an invisible tracking pixel. Each time the pixel is loaded to the recipient’s mail server, we count this as an email open. To track link clicks, Gong replaces link URLs with a custom tracking URL, then redirects the person clicking the link to the intended URL.

It’s important to note that other triggers might cause the pixel to load apart from the intended recipient opening and reading the email. These alternative triggers can cause you to see an inflated number of email opens, also known as false positives.

Some possible triggers that can cause inaccurate numbers of email opens include:

  • Opening your own sent email: If you open your sent email, the pixel will be loaded and this will count toward email opens.


    If you want to review an email you sent, we suggest opening it from the activity timeline in Gong so that it won't be counted toward email opens.

  • Your email was forwarded: If the recipient of your email forwards your email to other people, the forwarded email will still contain the tracking pixel. This means each time another person opens the email, an email open is triggered.

  • Recipient's mailbox spam filters: If you send an email to a recipient who uses email scanning in their mailbox, the spam filter will likely simulate the opening of the email and render the tracking pixel. This triggers an email open.

  • Outgoing mail server filters: If your mailbox is set up to scan outgoing mail, the scanning of outgoing emails can trigger email opens.

  • Browser extensions: Like mail server filters, if you're using browser extensions that are enabled to open and scan your outgoing emails, the scanning of the outgoing emails can trigger email opens.

  • CC/BCC’d recipients: Any email recipient of your email, internal or external, can trigger an email open, not only recipients listed in the "To" field.

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