Manage your CRM API integration
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Manage your CRM API integration

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You can set up a CRM integration for CRM systems that are not natively integrated with Gong via the CRM API. See the CRM API documentation for a list of the available endpoints and their functionality.


You can only set up one type of integration at a time. If you integrate with Gong using one of the native integrations such as Salesforce for Gong, you cannot upload CRM data via the CRM API.

To set up your CRM API integration:

  • Register your integration via the /v2/crm/integrations endpoint. A successful response enables you to upload CRM data to Gong.

Once your integration is registered and you have started uploading data to Gong, in Company Settings > CRM API, select the CRM field that holds the deal amount.


If using the API integration to HubSpot: HubSpot's API does not check user permissions.

If someone updates a field in Gong that they don't have permission to update in HubSpot, this restriction is overridden and the change is made in both places.

To manage your CRM API integration:

  1. Click Company settings > CRM API to open the CRM API Integration page.

  2. Select the field in the CRM that holds the amount the deal is worth and click Update. This is displayed as the deal value in Gong.

  3. Click Manage CRM API fields to see which fields are imported to Gong. Contact your development team if you want to add or remove fields that are imported to Gong.

  4. Select Create variable if you want to use this field as a variable for example, when using the email composer. For more details, see Create and use email templates and click Save.

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