Why is team hierarchy in Gong important?
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Why is team hierarchy in Gong important?

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Team hierarchy in Gong sets which users report to which managers. When updating the organizational hierarchy in the team members page, it can take from a few minutes up to a couple of hours to update across Gong, for example in the call filters and Activity page.

When your team hierarchy is set up correctly you can:

  • See stats and deal data per team 

  • Filter calls by specific teams

  • Ensuring that feedback requests on calls go to the correct manager (appears in the Activity queue)

  • Do bulk actions on teams such as change data capture settings and assign permission profiles.


If you need to make a change to the team hierarchy, edit the Manager of the relevant person. Click the team member you want to change, and edit the Manager box as described in this article.


You can create the hierarchy automatically through automatic provisioning, or manually on the Team members page.

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