Create a rule to automatically delete calls
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Create a rule to automatically delete calls

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Create a rule to delete certain calls. When the rule is triggered, matching calls are deleted from Gong and cannot be retrieved.

  1. Click Company settings > Ecosystem > Automation Rules.

  2. Click + Add Rule to display the create new rule page.

  3. Click image11.png to set the filter.

    The rule filter dialog is displayed.

  4. Select the rule filters.

    Calls that fit the selected criteria are displayed to the right of the filter pane.

  5. Click SAVE.

  6. In the Action line, click the down arrow, and select Delete calls.

  7. In the Rule name and description area, enter the name and a description of the rule.

  8. In the Rule status area, change the toggle to Enabled.

  9. Click SAVE.

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