Delete a recorded call
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Delete a recorded call

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Tech admins can bulk delete calls from the Search page or by using a specific feature. Individual calls can be deleted from the call page if permitted. Deleting a call removes it and associated data permanently from Gong, including transcripts, media, notes, comments, call stats, tasks, and conversations in Salesforce. To delete a call, click "Delete call" and confirm. Multiple calls can be deleted by selecting them on the Search page and confirming deletion. Automatic call deletion can also be set up.

Tech admins can bulk-delete calls from the Search page or by using automation rules. Anyone can delete an individual call from the call page if enabled to do so in their permission profile.

Delete a call to remove it and any associated data permanently from Gong. The following articles are deleted:

  • All call-related data is deleted, such as transcripts, media, and so on

  • Notes & comments

  • Call stats are removed

  • Task(s)

  • The call is deleted from Gong Conversations in Salesforce

Delete a call

  1. Find the call that you want to delete.

  2. In the call page, click Button____1_.png > Delete call.

  3. Confirm the deletion.

Delete multiple calls (tech admins)

  1. Find the calls that you want to delete.

  2. In the Search page, click Button____1_.png > Delete calls.

  3. Confirm the deletion.

You can also set up an automation rule to automatically delete calls.

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