About the Slack integration
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About the Slack integration

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Connect Gong to a Slack workspace to send notifications about events in Gong to channels in Slack, and to share calls or call snippets to private or public channels. Gong connects to the Slack API and uses scopes to perform actions in Slack and in Gong. Find out which scopes we use here.

Only Slack admins can install the Gong app in Slack. Once Slack has been installed, both business and tech admins can connect Slack to a workspace.

Once connected, you can turn on notifications for calls org-wide, or allow individuals to turn on notifications for themselves.

Notifications can be sent to an individual's personal Gong app when:

  • Someone comments on a call they follow (either they participated in the call or subscribed to its comments)

  • Someone replies to a comment they made on a call

  • They are mentioned in a comment on a call

To get Gong notifications in your Slack channel, you must enable the notifications in a stream. You can share calls in Slack via the Share Call tab. For private Slack channels, you must add Gong to the channel to get notifications.

Enable Gong notifications in a private Slack channel:

  1. Open the channel

  2. In the message field, type @Gong and then invite @Gong to join the channel.

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