Engage FAQs
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Engage FAQs

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Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Which CRMs does Engage work with?

You can use Engage with Salesforce or HubSpot.

If my team members are using Engage, would I have access to Engage as a technical admin?

There is only 1 type of seat for Engage, so anyone who wants to access Engage needs a license, including admins.

What types of engagement does Gong Engage track?

Gong Engage tracks email views, link clicks on emails sent from the Engage email editor, and Gong call shares. On top of this, your admin can set up integrations with tons of 3rd party apps that track many other types of interactions, from taking a survey to viewing a contract and more.

How long does it take for a contact to be available in Gong once it's added to my CRM?

In general, it should take approximately 2-5 minutes for a contact to be available in Gong once it's added to your CRM.

Is calendaring available in Gong Engage?

Yes, via Chili Piper and Calendly integrations.

How does Engage prioritize my tasks?

By default, to-dos are sorted by due date. In addition, you'll get an indication when contacts or leads have any recent digital interactions.

Can I merge accounts in Gong?

This will need to be done in your CRM first.

Will LinkedIn connection requests and messages be reflected in the activity timeline in Gong?

While you can send connection requests and messages via Gong, responses won't be reflected back to Gong.

Which Engage activities can I push to my CRM?

In addition to syncing calls and emails to your CRM, you can also export Engage-specific activities. These include LinkedIn messages, LinkedIn connection requests, dialer calls, tasks you create as flow steps, one-off to-dos, and flow information.

Why don't I see the Pipeline page in Engage?

If you have open opportunities, meaning you're tagged as opportunity owner in your CRM, you have access to the Pipeline page. If you aren't seeing the Pipeline page and you think you should be, or if the Pipeline page is missing open deals you own, talk to your admin.

What is the data retention policy for emails in Gong?

Every email you send from Gong is retained according to the retention policy your admin has set up for your company. You can learn more about Gong's standard data retention policies.

How does Gong Engage handle duplicate contacts?

Engage reflects what's in your CRM, so if you have two contacts in your CRM that have the same email address, they will appear twice in Engage.

What happens when someone is converted from a lead to a contact?

If a lead is in an active flow when they become a contact, they will stay in the same flow and step. Any notes that were associated with the lead will remain associated with the contact. Unlike notes, one-off to-dos that were associated with the lead will no longer be associated with the contact.

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