Troubleshooting export issues
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Troubleshooting export issues

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For reasons out of our control (such as an issue with permissions or custom triggers defined in Salesforce) exporting calls from Gong to Salesforce might fail. This section explains how to troubleshoot call export issues.

The solution

Gong periodically checks to see if your calls are successfully exporting to Salesforce, and sends an email with details of why the export failed. Use the error message in the email to resolve the issues in Salesforce.

What you can do

  1. This table lists the error messages you may get and how to resolve the problem:

    Error code

    Error message example



    No such column 'Gong__[custom field name]__c' on sobject of type Gong__Gong_Call__c

    The Gong integration user in Salesforce is missing edit permissions for the field. Apply the Gong API User permission set to the Gong integration user to give edit access to the relevant fields.

    The Gong API User permission set is included in the Gong for Salesforce package.

    You can also create a dedicated permission set and apply it to the profile level if you don't want to use the built-in Gong settings.


    Unable to create/update fields: Gong__[Custom Field]__c, Gong__[Custom Field]__c, Gong__[Custom Field]__c

    The INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE is generally due to lack of permissions to the Gong Conversation object in Salesforce.

    As with the INVALID_FIELD error code (See above), apply the Gong API User permission set to the Gong integration user in Salesforce.


    entity type cannot be inserted: Conversation

    This error occurs when an object has a trigger that throws an unhandled exception when creating or updating a record.

    The trigger should be updated in Salesforce to handle Gong creating or updating these records.


    We can't save this record because the [Process Name] process failed. Give your Salesforce admin these details. This error occurred when the flow tried to update records: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: [Validation Rule Message] You can look up Exception Code values in the SOAP API Developer Guide. Error ID: 1248815204-109960 (311816127)Error ID: 1248815204-109960 (311816)

    When a conversation, or its child record is created, a flow is triggered. When the flow execution fails, this error message is generated.

    The error message includes the name of the process that failed and the reason. Use this information to find and correct the flow function. In this case, there was a validation error.


    Value does not exist or does not match filter criteria

    This error message occurs when an object has a lookup filter, which is updated with a value that does not match the filter criteria.


    Rollup Helper cannot update parent record 0061K00000e6uxBQAQ: FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: Please populate Billing Account

    This error occurs when there is a validation rule defined in your Salesforce org, and the record being updated does not meet this rule.

    In this specific error message it’s a Rollup Helper that tries to update the related opportunity record of the conversation record, and fails as a result of a certain validation rule

  2. If you solved the error in Salesforce, either manually export the call to Salesforce or do a bulk push for all calls that failed to export to Salesforce.

    • Individual calls: Go to the call in Gong and click Button____1_.png > Push to Gong for Salesforce. You will be notified if the push was successful or not.

    • Multiple calls: Go to Company settings > CRM > Salesforce. In the Export to Salesforce section, select Repush all failed calls. If there are failures after repushing, we'll email you with the number of calls that still failed to export, and an example of some of them. The email may take some time to arrive.


  3. If this doesn't work, contact your Salesforce admin or Gong support.

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