Export Engage data
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Export Engage data

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If you have an Engage seat, you can export two types of Engage data to HubSpot.

Engage tasks

Engage tasks, LinkedIn messages and connection requests are exported to HubSpotonce the to-do is marked as completed in Gong, the activity is not imported from external sources.

To export Engage to-dos:

  1. Scroll down to Engage to-do type and select whether to export:

    • Engage tasks

    • LinkedIn messages and connection requests

  2. Select whether you want to create one task in Salesforce, or several tasks for each Engage to-do.

Engage flow data

You can export data on which contacts have been added to a flow and what step in the flow they are in. This enables you to see which contacts are part of an Engage flow and which aren't.

Viewing flow data in HubSpot is dependent on various fields being added to the contact layout. These fields contain information such as the status of the flow and the flow name. For more details, see Setting up HubSpot custom fields.

To enable exporting Engage flow data in the Engage flow data section, select Export flow fields.

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