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Sign in to complete your setup

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When your company subscribes to Gong, you receive an email inviting you to complete the setup. Follow the link in the email to get the instructions to complete it:

  • Connect Gong to your calendar to record your scheduled calls

    • This is required in order for Gong to record your calls, according to the business rules defined by your admin

  • Connect your mailbox to import your emails

    • This is required in order for Gong to capture your email interactions with your prospects or customers.

      Note: Only external emails with contacts in your CRM are imported.

  • Add your personal meeting URL to activate the link

    • If your company uses the Consent Page to notify participants that meetings will be recorded, Gong will need to know your personal meeting URL in your web conference provider in order to redirect meeting participants to the web conference meeting after they give their consent to be recorded


    The above prompt is displayed each time you visit Gong until your setup is complete.

  • Click Connect. You are redirected to your calendar/email service provider Authentication dialog.

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