FAQs for Zoom integration with the Gong bot
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FAQs for Zoom integration with the Gong bot

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Why does Gong’s bot require the meeting’s host have record to computer permission?

Due to Zoom’s recording policy, Gong’s Zoom bot must use the Zoom Meeting SDK to obtain permission to save the call recording on the local computer from the meeting host.

If Gong’s bot needs record to computer permission, why do I need to give that permission to all of my Zoom users?

The Gong bot only needs the Hosts can give meeting participants permission to record to their computer permission. However, Zoom puts this permission in the Record to computer files section, and so there’s no way to enable this setting without enabling local recording as well.

Can I give the Gong bot record to computer files permission instead of all of my users?

Unfortunately no. As Gong’s bot is not a user in your organization’s Zoom account it must ask for Record to computer files permission from the meeting’s host.

Are calls automatically downloaded to users’ computers if they have Record to computer files permission?

No. Zoom’s Record to computer files permission means that a user is allowed to download a recording but it doesn’t automatically trigger it.

We only use Gong’s bot to record calls scheduled by our customers (externally-organized calls). Do I need to make this change?

No. Your Zoom settings do not apply to users outside your organization. Gong’s bot will ask the meeting host for permission to record the call, and if given, the call will be recorded.

Our security policy doesn’t allow enabling Record on computer files permission to Zoom users. What can we do?

Your best option is to set up Zoom native recording for all of your users. Users who may still use the Gong bot to record calls, such as those without a Zoom license will still need to have Record to computer files enabled.

Our organization uses Zoom native integration. Do I need to give these permissions to my Zoom users?

Possibly. Although calls recording with the Zoom native integration don’t need to get permission from the meeting host to record the call, and your Zoom settings do not apply to externally-organized meetings, the Gong bot will join these types of calls:

  1. Users who have not connected Gong to Zoom (for Zoom native with user-by-user connection).

  2. Any Gong recorded user, who does not have a Zoom license in your organization, is recorded with the Gong bot.

What happens if I don’t give these permissions to my Zoom users?

The impact on your recording experience depends on how you record your calls:

  • Zoom native: calls will continue to be recorded as usual. The Gong bot is only used if your Zoom integration is set up user-by-user and a user hasn't connected Gong to Zoom or if a Gong user does not have a Zoom license. If these users don’t have Record to computer files permission, their calls may not be recorded.

  • Gong bot: we probably won’t be able to record your calls.

If Record to computer files is enabled, will we be taking up storage on the end user's computer?

No, the Gong bot records locally to is own machine and doesn't save recordings on the end users device.

When the waiting room is used, why does the bot join together with the host and not wait in the waiting room?

This is defined by Zoom. The Gong bot joins the meeting together with the host.

What happens if we don’t install the Zoom Meetings - Recording Bot app?

The meeting host will have to approve the recording for each meeting they host.

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