Set up a sandbox
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Set up a sandbox

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Once you’ve created an app, you’ll want to test it in a sandbox environment. You have a full demo account, so you can experience Gong and test as you develop your app integration.

Step 1: Set up email accounts

In this step, you will set up 3 email accounts that you’ll need for your sandbox.


The email accounts that you set up for the company employees must match the email domain set as the primary domain of your company’s Gong account (check the domain in Your company settings > General settings > Company settings).

  1. In Gong, create users for the VP Sales and AE:

  2. Sign in as each user and setup email sync.

Step 2: Set up & connect to a CRM

Set up your sandbox so that Gong has access to a CRM. A Salesforce developer account is sufficient.

  1. Create a Salesforce developer account.

  2. In your Salesforce developer account, add the VP Sales and AE users to this account using the same email addresses used when setting up the users in Gong.

  3. Create an account and one opportunity, setting the owner for each as the AE.

  4. Add a contact to the account, making the contact’s email that of the imaginary customer, e.g. [email protected].

  5. Set the opportunity’s close date to be in the near future so it will show up in Gong.

  6. Connect your Salesforce account to Gong.

Step 3: Create events

Add some events to your sandbox:

  1. Sign in to your AE and customer email accounts and send a few emails between the two.

  2. Have the AE set up a web conference meeting with the customer. The meeting invitation must contain a link to a web conferencing call (i.e. Zoom link).


    Set the meeting for 1-2 hours in the future in order to allow Gong time to pick up the meeting info and to join and record the call.


    You *could* upload a prerecorded call as described here, but we don't recommend it because when you do this, Gong can’t identify the speakers or how they connect to the users in your CRM.

  3. After the call appears in Gong, sign in as the VP Sales user, view the recorded call, and add a few comments.

    These comments will be included in coaching statistics.

You should now see data in several places in Gong, namely:

  • The recorded/uploaded call in the Search page

  • Some basic stats in the TEAM page (only for a recorded call - an uploaded call does not identify the speaker)

  • Information about accounts and opportunities in the DEALs page

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