Manage your Dynamics 365 Integration
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Manage your Dynamics 365 Integration

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This section explains how to change settings such as the imported fields or the selected opportunity stage field for your Dynamics 365 integration.

To manage your Dynamics 365 settings:

  1. In Gong, click Company Settings > CRM > Dynamics.

  2. To change the fields imported to Gong, click Manage Dynamics Fields. The CRM field management page displays a list of fields imported to Gong for each object imported from the CRM. The list of fields displayed is the list from your CRM.

    1. Select the fields you want to be imported to Gong, or deselect fields you no longer want to see. Fields that are mandatory cannot be deselected and are marked with a lock icon.


      Deselecting fields deletes the field data in Gong and the field is no longer imported.

    2. Select Track changes If you want to retain the values of the data at the time the conversation occurred.

    3. Select Create variable if you want to use this field as a variable for example, when using the email composer. For more details, see Create and use email templates.

    4. Select View selected only if you only want to see the imported fields.

  3. In the Dynamics Integration page, select the CRM field that holds the deal amount. This field is used in Gong to represent the deal value.

  4. If necessary, change the field which holds the stage the opportunity is in. This is displayed as the deal stage in Gong.

  5. Click Update to save your changes.

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