Update deal information in your CRM from Engage
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Update deal information in your CRM from Engage

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Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Reps

Where to go? Sidebar > Engage > Pipeline or a call page

Save time while keeping your CRM up-to-date with the CRM updater. Available in Pipeline and on call pages, it enables you to choose which CRM fields you see, and update them directly from Gong.

To see the Pipeline page, you must be an opportunity owner and your email and calendar must be synced with Gong. If you aren't seeing the Pipeline page and you think you should be, talk to your admin.

Where you can update CRM fields

You'll see CRM fields that you can update in several places in Engage, including the following:

  • In Pipeline: Drill down into any deal and you'll see the CRM fields along the top. Click the double-arrow beside the fields to open the Show/Hide panel.


    Also in Pipeline, open any deal and you'll see 4 main tabs. Click the CRM tab to show the CRM fields that you can update. Click Show/Hide Fields to edit the list of fields.


  • In Accounts: Drill down into any account and you'll see the CRM tab at the far right. Click Show/Hide Fields to edit the list of fields.

  • Person view: Click on a person's name in Engage to open their person view panel. Open the CRM tab on the right, and you can update CRM fields directly from here.

  • While making calls or sending emails: Open the CRM tab on the right side of the email composer or dialer to efficiently update account and deal CRM fields on the spot.

Which CRM fields you can edit

The default fields you see when you click the CRM tab on a deal page are those that tend to be most frequently updated:

  • Stage

  • Close date

  • Amount

  • Next step

You can customize the CRM updater to show the fields you use most often. To do this:

  1. Click Show/Hide fields, and search for the fields you want to see

  2. Select the field and click Apply

  3. These fields will be displayed for all deals you see in Pipeline

If you see fields that are disabled, it means that either you don't have permission to update or import them, or the field types are not supported in Gong. If you don’t have permission, contact your admin and ask them to either import the fields for you or update your permission so you can import CRM fields yourself.

We currently don’t support rich text fields for HubSpot, or multiple checkbox fields for both HubSpot and Salesforce.

Showing/hiding fields does not affect which information about the person is shown elsewhere in Gong.

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