FAQs for recommended contacts
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FAQs for recommended contacts

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This article covers recommended contacts in Deals. For recommended contacts in Gong Engage, see How recommended contacts work in Engage.

Note: Recommended Contacts is available on an opt-in basis. If you don't see it in Gong and want to work with it, ask your Gong admin to toggle on Contact recommendations on the settings page for the integration that provides contact information.

Admins can add integrations with contact providers from the Gong Collective

On what basis does Gong decide to recommend contacts for my deal?

Any open deal in your pipeline may get recommended contacts. Gong recommends contacts on the basis of your past deals. We analyze your past deals to determine which titles have the biggest impact during each deal stage. For example,

  • A head of finance might be needed to qualify a deal during negotiation.

  • A VP of manufacturing might be needed at the discovery stage.

  • A security lead may be needed while assessing the deal for a widely distributed software product.

Gong then checks to see if you are already actively engaged with that title and if not, checks to see if the prospect company has someone in that position. If the prospect company has a person in that position, Gong recommends contacting this person.

Is there a minimum number of deals needed in order to get recommended contacts?

Yes. We show recommended contacts when:

  • You have 100 closed-won deals. This enables us to determine the titles of people typically involved in your successful deals, and recommend them to you.

    If you are new at your org and haven't yet reached 100, we check to see whether there are at least 100 deals closed-won by anyone who rolls up to your direct manager or manager's manager. If so, we make recommendations based on who we see on those deals.

In addition, we don't show recommended contacts when:

  • Any recommended contacts found are already part of the deal

  • There are too many results for the same title - we can't legitimately recommend anyone

  • The recommended contact has the same name as the contact information partners

Your team must have at least 100 closed-won deals to get recommended contacts. If the team for the first level manager has less than 100 deals, we check the number of deals from second level management and, if necessary go to the third level of management. We do not make recommendations if there aren't 100 closed deals from third level management.

When historical data is analyzed, what does this include?

Gong looks at up to one year of past deals, depending on whether that data is available. This data includes CRM data and deal activity (calls, emails, etc).

What happens when I reach out to a recommended contact?

When you reach out to a recommended contact and they start engaging in the deal, they will be removed from the recommended contact list. Contacts are only removed from the list if they became actively involved in the deal. They will continue to appear on the recommended contacts list as long as they have not actively participated in the deal.

Why is someone already involved in the deal on the recommended contacts list?

Contacts that are no longer active in the deal, may appear in the recommended contacts list. An active contact is someone who was actively engaged, such as by sending an email, joining a call, or initiated some type of communication in the last 21 days. Therefore, a contact who has not been involved in the deal for more than 21 days may appear in the recommended contacts list.

Why do some deals not have recommended contacts?

In some cases Gong may not have contacts to recommend engaging in the deal. In the best case scenario, you are already actively engaged with the right contacts. Another reason may be that Gong can't find the relevant contacts in the company.

How are recommended contacts related to warnings such as No power and Not enough contacts?

The logic used to recommend contacts is independent of the logic used for these warnings. However, deal boards are based on the reality of a deal, and it’s quite possible, for example, that Gong will recommend contacts on a deal with too few contacts.

How can I provide feedback to Gong on the accuracy of contact recommendations and supported provider integrations?

Please reach out to Gong Support.

Where does contact information come from?

Gong partners with contact data providers such as Cognism, Apollo.io, and LeadIQ . If you choose to reveal information about recommended contacts, through the in-platform prompts, then Gong displays the contact’s details as they are received from the provider, and does not modify them in any way. Click on each provider to learn more about their terms.

Do I need to have a paid license with a provider to get contact recommendations?

No, you do not. All Gong customers have the option to reveal contact recommendations, without phone numbers or emails, regardless of whether they have a paid license with any of the supported providers or not. However, you may need a paid active license with a provider to further reveal a contact’s phone number and email.

What information is available when I reveal a contact's details?

Currently, you can reveal names, titles, phone numbers and email details that are available from the contact data providers.

Is there a way that I can configure which contacts are recommended?

Currently, you cannot configure which titles are recommended.

How do I connect to a data provider that is currently not supported by Gong?

You can request to integrate with another data provider in the Gong Collective.

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