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Get recommended contacts

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Recommended Contacts is available on an opt-in basis. If you don't see it in Gong and want to work with it, ask your Gong admin to toggle on Contact recommendations on the settings page for the integration that provides contact information.


Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Reps

Where to go? Sidebar > Engage > Accounts > Select an account

Searching for the right people to talk to can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the sales process. With AI-powered recommended contacts, you can spend less time sourcing and more time engaging. Gong brings information from multiple data providers into one place, so you can get the context and contact details you need to reach out right away.

Recommended contacts is supported for Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs only. This capability is governed by the 'Update CRM fields in Gong' setting in the permission profile. Ask your Gong admin for permission if you think you should have it.

To start reaching out to recommended contacts in Engage:

  1. Go to Accounts

  2. Select an account that has the blue recommended contacts bar at the top


  3. Click Show on the far right to open the list

  4. From here, click on a name from the list to open person view

  5. In a recommended contact's person view, you can:

    Reveal contact details from data providers that Gong partners with. For providers where the Reveal button is not available, you can talk to your admin about setting up an integration. If you want to connect to a different data provider that is not currently supported by Gong, you can request to integrate with them via the Gong Collective.

    When you reveal contact details, those details are automatically updated in your CRM.

    Add someone to a flow. Once you have an email address for someone, either by revealing it or adding it in the CRM updater, you can add them to a flow. By adding someone to a flow, they are now in your CRM and will disappear from the recommended contacts section. They'll appear instead in the contacts sections of the Account, People, and Pipeline pages.

    Send a one-off email or make a one-off call by clicking on an email address or a phone number.

Learn more about how recommended contacts work in Engage.

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