How recommended contacts work in Engage
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How recommended contacts work in Engage

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Recommended Contacts is available on an opt-in basis. If you don't see it in Gong and want to work with it, ask your Gong admin to toggle on Contact recommendations on the settings page for the integration that provides contact information.


Working with Gong Engage requires an Engage seat.

Who's this for? Managers & Admins

Why is someone who's already engaged with my team on the recommended contacts list?

Engage can show you any recommended contacts that might be relevant to you, as long as they're not already in your CRM.

Reps aren't seeing any recommended contacts in Engage. Why not?

Recommended contacts works with Salesforce and HubSpot. The ability to see recommended contacts is governed by the 'Update CRM fields in Gong' setting in the permission profile. Update the rep's permission profile to enable them to see recommended contacts.

On what basis does Gong decide to recommend contacts for my account?

Any account may get recommended contacts. Gong recommends contacts on the basis of your past deals. We analyze your past deals to determine which titles are typically active in the first two stages of a deal, and then search our partners' databases for contacts in an account that have these titles.

Do recommended contacts include contacts that are already in my CRM?

Currently, Gong only recommends contacts that are not in your CRM.

Is there a minimum number of deals needed in order to get recommended contacts?

Yes. Your team must have at least 100 closed deals to get recommended contacts. If the team for the first level manager has less than 100 deals, we check the number of deals from second level management and, if necessary, go to the third level of management. We do not make recommendations if there aren't 100 closed deals from third level management.

When historical data is analyzed, what does this include?

Gong looks at up to one year of past deals, depending on whether that data is available. This data includes CRM data and deal activity (calls, emails, etc.).

How do I add a recommended contact to a flow?

A recommended contact must have at least 1 email address to be added to a flow. When you click on a recommended contact from Engage > Accounts, you have the option to reveal phone numbers and email addresses from data providers. If you don't see the option to reveal contact information, you'll need to enable the relevant integrations first.

Once enabled, click Reveal. If at least 1 email address is revealed, click +Add at the top right of the panel to add that recommended contact to a flow.

Are recommended contacts added to my CRM?

Once you add a recommended contact to a flow, it's removed from the recommended contact list and added to your CRM automatically, along with any phone numbers or email addresses you revealed.

Why would an account not have recommended contacts?

This could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. Check that the user is logged into the CRM.

  2. If users are seeing recommended contacts for some of their accounts and not for others, check whether the account has its domain URL set up in the CRM. If not, adding it can allow Gong to search for recommended contacts for that account.

  3. If step 2 doesn't cause recommended contacts to appear, it's possible that Gong was not able to find any valid contacts to recommended for that account. It's also possible that Gong did find valid contacts to recommend, but they're already in the CRM, meaning they won't be shown as recommended contacts.

  4. If this is a company-wide issue, meaning no Engage users at your company are able to see recommended contacts for any accounts, contact Gong Support

How can I provide feedback to Gong on the accuracy of contact recommendations, or feedback about which providers Engage supports?

To provide feedback, please contact Gong support.

Where does contact information come from?

Gong partners with contact data providers such as Cognism,, and LeadIQ . If you choose to reveal information about recommended contacts through the in-platform prompts, then Gong displays the contact information as it is received from the provider, and does not modify them in any way. Click on each provider to learn more about their terms.

Do I need to have a paid license with a provider to get contact recommendations?

No, you do not. All Gong customers have the option to get contact recommendations, without phone numbers or emails, regardless of whether they have a paid license with any of the supported providers or not. However, you may need a paid active license with a provider to further reveal someone's phone number and email.

I clicked 'Reveal' but I still don't see any data. Why not?

Sometimes, a contact information provider may not have any data to offer about a particular contact. This is a limitation on the provider's side.

What information is available when I reveal a contact's details?

Recommended contacts automatically include name, title, tenure, and a LinkedIn profile URL. The user can then reveal phone numbers and email addresses using a credit.

Is there a way that I can configure which contacts are recommended?

Currently, you cannot configure which titles are recommended.

How do I connect to a data provider that is currently not supported by Gong?

You can request to integrate with another data provider in the Gong Collective.

Can I turn off recommended contacts?

Contact Gong Support to turn off recommended contacts for your organization.

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