FAQs about Google Workspace and Office 365 integrations
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FAQs about Google Workspace and Office 365 integrations

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What’s the difference between connecting user‑by‑user and connecting company‑wide?

When you connect user‑by‑user, Gong sends each of your team members a request to manually connect their Office 365 accounts to Gong (this email is sent one time).

When you connect company‑wide, your team members’ calendars and mailboxes are connected automatically once you turn on import in Gong.

What are the advantages of connecting company-wide?

Connecting company‑wide generally takes less time from setup to recording or email import than user-by-user. If you are not an admin in your Google Workspace or Office 365 system, you can only connect user‑by‑user.

What access permissions are required from Google Workspace or Office 365?

Gong requests read-only access permissions to Google Workspace or Office 365. This allows email import for relevant team members only (with email import set to on).

For information on what parameters Gong requires, go here: Google / Office 365.

What information does Gong retrieve from Google Workspace or Office 365 accounts?

Gong accesses team members’ basic profile info and calendar meetings. If you import emails, Gong also accesses team members’ mailboxes. When you connect company‑wide, Gong also has access to your list of users.

Is there a way to audit the flow of emails from Google Workspace or Office 365?

We haven’t been made aware of any method to monitor ingestion from the Google Workspace or Office 365 side, other than by restricting which mailboxes Gong accesses.

What’s the difference between importing calendar meetings only, and importing both calendar meetings and emails?

When you import calendar meetings only, Gong imports and records the relevant meetings (i.e. meetings that are with contacts found in your CRM). When you import emails as well, we also imports relevant emails, which you can view them in the context of a prospect or customer. To import emails, you must also be connected to your CRM so that Gong only imports emails associated with prospects or customers.

How do I change how I’m connected?

Click Change connection settings and choose a different connection type.

What happens when I switch “Import meetings” off?

Gong no longer records web conferencing meetings. Past calls and their related data are not affected by this change.

How can I ensure that web conference recording is compliant with local laws?

When we record conference calls, we help ensure compliance in several ways:

  • The Gong recorder is visible in the call and administrators can changes its name. The recorder can be easily removed from the call, just like any other participant.

  • When Gong joins conference calls, it can notify participants that the call is being recorded.

    • Gong can send an email to all external participants ahead of the call letting them know that the call is being recorded.

    • Gong provides a consent page that can be used to invite participants to a video/conference call. Participants must consent to being recorded for Gong to record the call.

    • Furthermore, we encourage you to tell participants that the call is being recorded and obtain verbal consent.

Why aren't all reps being recorded (Google Workspace)?

Refer to this troubleshooting article: Troubleshooting email and calendar import errors

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