Export team stats
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Export team stats

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Get a CSV file with the team stats by exporting a report. The report is sent to your email. `
The ability to export team stats is set in your permission profile. If you don’t have it and think you should, contact your admin.

Export the report

  1. Go to Insights > Team.

  2. Select the tab you want the report for. By default, the report is based on the selected filters. Change the filters as needed.

  3. Click Export.

  4. From the screen that opens, you can change the period of time covered in the report:

    • DATE RANGE: Creates the report based on the time filter selected.

    • TIME COMPARISON: Creates a report with comparison of the stats either for the last three months or last three weeks. Each entry has three rows showing the three different time periods covered.

  5. Choose whether or not to include the management hierarchy, as defined in Gong (admins can view this in the Team members settings page). The hierarchy includes all managers from the highest-level down to the lowest-level.

  6. Click SEND REPORT TO EMAIL. The report is generated and you'll get an email when the report is ready. Note that the report shows details for enabled team members only and generating the report may take some time.


The reports include the following data for enabled team members:

Activity report

  • User Name

  • User Email Address

  • Total Call Volume

  • Average Weekly Call Volume

  • Total Call Duration (min)

  • Average Call Duration (min)

  • Total Weekly Call Duration (min)

  • Calls Attended

Interaction report

  • User Name

  • User Email Address

  • Total Call Volume

  • Talk Ratio

  • Longest Monologue (min)

  • Longest Customer Story (min)

  • Interactivity

  • Patience (sec)

  • Question Rate

Topics report

  • User Name

  • User Email Address

  • Total Call Volume

  • Topic Duration (name of topic) (min)

  • Topic Timing (name of topic) (min)

Trackers report

  • User Name

  • User Email Address

  • Total Call Volume: The total number of calls hosted by the team member in the selected period

  • -Applicable Calls: The number of calls hosted by the team member that are relevant for this tracker. A tracker may include a built-in filter so that certain calls won’t be analyzed to see if they include the tracker mention.

  • Tracker Use: The percentage of calls the tracker was mentioned in out of the applicable calls.

Scorecards report

  • User Name

  • User Email Address

  • Total Call Volume

  • - Scored Calls

  • - Overall Score

For each 1-5 question in this scorecard (i.e. not free text questions):

  • <name of scorecard> - <question text until the first bracket>

Gong usage report

If you are are a technical admin or a business admin, you will receive a more detailed report with additional data you may need.

The standard report includes:

  • User Name

  • User Email Address

  • Calls listened to

  • Calls with Feedback

  • Calls with Comments

  • Calls with Scorecards

  • Marked as Feedback

Coaching Received report

  • User Name

  • User Email Address

  • Feedback Received

  • Comments Received

  • Scorecards Received

  • Marked Received

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