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About Deal intelligence

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Where to go? Deals > Pipeline

Get granular deal intelligence in Pipeline. Here, you'll find a customizable deal board that gives you a holistic view of what’s going on in your deals, enables you to separate fact from fiction, helps you nail forecast accuracy and close more deals.


Your org must have a CRM integration to enjoy the benefits of deal boards; we also strongly recommend your org imports emails so that you get the richest possible view of your deal activity.

Deal boards summarize interactions for all deals. Set up and view deal boards according to your forecast categories, and sort by team, rep, stage, and close date. Understand quickly which deals are healthy or at risk, whether your team is on trajectory to reach quota, and give you forecast accuracy confidence. Make changes in the board and have them sync to your CRM.

Warnings draw your attention to deals that are at risk.

Contacts show the number of people actively involved in your deal. An active contact is anyone who took part in a phone call or sent an email in the last 21 days. If your deal is not multi-threaded, you may want to try to bring more people into the deal. Click the number of contacts to show who is active in the deal, and prospect contacts who you may want to reach out to and bring into the deal.

The deals in the board are sorted by the level of account engagement, and include account name, activity, next call, amount, close date, stage, and owner.

Drill down into deal activity directly on the board! Click an account name to open a panel to see the contacts, warnings, and activity (emails, calls, and shares, views and interactions from your favorite tech stack integrations) on the deal.


Click More-menu.png > Help Guide to open educational content about Deals functionality in-app.

Create your own to have a board that suits your business needs:

  • Sales rep (AE):

    • Recap and prioritize your pipeline

    • Take action on the deals that need your immediate attention

    • Transfer knowledge at scale so the deal team is always up to date

    • Have smooth hand-offs when moving deals from SDRs or between other team members

  • Sales / Frontline Manager:

    • Roll-up accurate forecasts with confidence

    • Stay on top of pipeline totals per forecast category

    • Identify potential trouble spots to step in early and save deals

    • Leverage data to coach your team

    • Supercharge pipeline reviews - focus on what needs to be drawn on past experience

  • Directors / Manager of managers:

    • Get an accurate forecast across teams

    • Stay on top of what’s going on and step in when needed to influence the outcome of swing deals

  • Other, non-quota carrying, deal-team roles:

    • As a sales engineer, CSM, or any other role linked to deals in your CRM, set up a board to follow what deals you're working on

    • Ensure smooth handoff and collaboration between all members of the deal-team

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