Intro to Deals
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Intro to Deals

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Deals in Gong display the big picture of your pipeline and allow you to focus on specific deal details. By integrating CRM data with deal conversations, Gong helps identify potential issues or successful strategies. The Deals section requires CRM integration. The Pipeline section provides an overview of pipeline health, individual deal status, and management. Deal boards help track open deals, test forecast numbers, and make strategic decisions. The Forecast tab allows confident forecasting based on performance, pipeline status, and deal details. The Analytics section offers dashboards and reports for deals and forecasts, including trends, changes, performance, pacing, win/loss insights, and coaching opportunities.

Deals display your pipeline's big picture and let you zoom into the finer details of each deal. We combine your CRM data with your deal conversations (emails, calls) clearly and quickly to surface trouble spots or blueprints for success.

Note: You need a CRM integration to use this area of Gong.



Go to Deals > Pipeline to see deal boards.

Get an overall picture of your pipeline health, the status of individual deals, and how your pipeline is being handled. Visit your deal boards to stay on top of where every open deal stands, pressure test forecast numbers, and answer strategic questions.

point-icon.png Everything you need to know about using deal boards

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Tip: Click Button____1_.png > Help guide to open in-app educational content about Deals.


Note: You'll only see this tab if you have a seat.

Go to Deals > Forecast to forecast with confidence and demonstrate command over your business. Call your numbers based on your performance over time, current pipeline status, and instant access to deal drill-downs (you're a click away from reading an email or listening to a call), risk, and forecast changes, all in one place.


Want to know more about easy, bottom-up forecasting for your whole org? Click here


Go to Deals > Analytics to view useful dashboards and reports for your deals and forecast.


For forecast customers, you'll see a dashboard for every business line, and the following reports:

  • Trends: See how your forecast is trending. Learn more

  • Changes: Stay on top of forecast category changes. Learn more

  • Performance: Monitor forecast accuracy. Learn more

  • Pacing: See how you're pacing toward target. Learn more

  • Funnel: Coming soon!

All our customers see the following reports:

  • Win/Loss: Get insights on your deals Learn more

  • Drivers: Coach those reps to supreme excellence! Learn more

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