Deleting recordings in Zoom
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Deleting recordings in Zoom

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When you're set up for native Zoom recording, there are 2 settings in Gong that can help you both reduce the amount of storage used in your Zoom account, and help you uphold your data retention policy.

Both settings are in the Zoom settings page, accessible via the Web Conferencing settings.

Delete recordings from Zoom once they are retrieved by Gong

Turn this setting on for 2 important benefits:

  • It minimizes the effect of Gong recordings on your Zoom storage, particularly if your Zoom plan has a limited amount of cloud recording storage capacity. (See the Zoom Dashboard to view the amount of storage in your account.)

    After Gong retrieves a recording, it is deleted from Zoom, thus ensuring the recordings don't affect your storage capacity.

  • It gives you more control over the recording because once a call is in Gong, it becomes subject to Gong's data retention policy, and other access controls and permissions.

    IMPORTANT: Be mindful of upholding personal rights under international privacy regulations. For example, under European law, people have the right to request their personal data be deleted from your system. With Gong, you're able to easily delete personal data. If the "delete recordings from Zoom" setting is not turned on, a copy of the call will remain in Zoom, meaning you are not compliant with this regulation.


Zoom will send an email alert to the account owner when usage is at 80% of the subscribed storage limit. If the storage limit is reached during a recording, Zoom will continue to record until the meeting ends.

Delete recordings initiated by Gong but not retrieved

Turn this setting on to delete recordings (in Zoom) that we initiated but decided not to bring into Gong (i.e. short recordings).

For example, short calls where:

  • Someone stopped recording at the beginning of the call

  • Someone joined the call via the consent page, but did not give their consent to be recorded

If you do not turn on this setting, short recordings will remain in your Zoom account.

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