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Delete personal data

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According to European laws and privacy regulations, individuals have the right to request the deletion of their personal data. In Gong, personal data can be deleted by searching for an individual's email address or phone number. This process removes calls, emails, and contact information associated with the individual. It is important to delete any related data in your CRM first to prevent it from syncing back to Gong. To delete personal data in Gong, go to Company settings, Data capture, Data Protection, Privacy, enter the email address or phone number, click FIND, select the entities associated, and click DELETE. Bulk operations can be done via the API. Deletion may take some time, but Gong continues to function in the background.

According to European laws and other privacy regulations, people have the right to request that you delete their personal data from your system.

In Gong, you can delete personal data by searching for an individual's email address or phone number. We'll delete any calls, emails, and contact and lead information associated with it from Gong.


Make sure you first delete any data associated with the individual in your CRM to prevent it from re-syncing to Gong later.

  1. Click Company settings > Data capture > Data Protection & Privacy.

  2. Enter the email address or international phone number of the person who is requesting you delete their data, and click FIND. This is a single-input search. Bulk operations in this domain can be performed via the API.

    A list of entities associated with the email address appears.

  3. Click DELETE.

    Deleting all the entities may take some time. Gong deletes them in the background and you can continue working in Gong.

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