FAQs about call recording
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FAQs about call recording

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What do I need to do to set up call recording?

Gong uses team members’ calendars to identify the calls that need to be recorded. To do so, Gong requires integration with your company’s Office 365 or Google Workspace.

In addition, each team member you want recorded must be set to “Record” on the Team Members management page. Also, make sure that all the web conferencing providers you use are switched on.

What happens when I switch on a provider?

When you switch on a provider, Gong starts recording calls for that provider, effective immediately, by scanning your team members’ calendars for meetings using that web conferencing provider. Gong will not retroactively record any past calls with that provider.

Which providers should I switch off?

You should switch off all providers that your organization uses but would not like to have recorded by Gong.

What happens when a provider is switched off?

When you switch off a provider, Gong no longer records calls through that provider, and future calls through that provider will not be stored in Gong. Past calls and their related data are not affected.

How can a team member stop recording a call?

When a recorded team member connects to a call, they will see the Gong recorder as a participant. The team member can simply remove that participant from the call to prevent Gong from recording it.

How do I stop recording a specific team member?

If you don’t want Gong to record a specific team member going forward, go to the Team Members management page and turn off recording for that individual. Past calls are not affected.

How do I record internal calls?

Gong determines if a call is internal or external based on the email domains in the meeting invite. If the email domains of all invitees match your organization's domains, then Gong flags the meeting as internal.

Gong admin can select to record internal calls on the Recording Settings page.

How do I override the external calls only setting?

In certain cases, you may want to force Gong to record despite external call only settings. Your options are as follows:

  • Add an email address with an external domain to the invite list.

  • Invite the Gong recording bot, [email protected], to the calendar event.

  • Schedule the call from the homepage. This bypasses the calendar. For details, see Record an impromptu call.

  • Ask your Gong admin to change the call type recording setting.

What happens to scheduled calls if the recording functionality is removed from a team member?

When you turn off recording for a team member, it can take up to an hour to update in the system. During that time, any call they make is recorded. After that time, no more calls that they participate in are recorded.

When you select to never record the team member, this takes force immediately and no further calls are recorded.

If you disable a team member, they can no longer access Gong, but it can take up to an hour to update in the system. During that time, any call they make is recorded.

Does using an assistant by a recorded team member override the recording settings?

Yes, the assistant by a recorded team member overrides the recording setting. However, if a user chooses the Do Not Record option on the invite then the call will not be recorded by the assistant.

Why wasn't a call recorded?

Go here to troubleshoot a call that you expected to be recorded but wasn't.

Is there a limit to the number of people who can join a call that is being recorded?

Yes. The maximum number of people allowed on a call depends on your web conference provider settings. If the meeting is full, the Gong assistant may not be able to join the call.

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