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Set up CallRail

You (or the CallRail admin) need to set up the initial connection between CalllRail and Gong.

  1. Request an account number and API key from CallRail. These are input when adding CallRail and used to authenticate the access to CallRail.


  2. Go to the CallRail website and define each person using Gong as a User.

  3. For each user, provide their email address and all their phone numbers. This enables Gong to link the calls to the correct user.

  4. Set up a call flow for inbound calls for the total number of users.

  5. Go to Manage Account > Manage > Details, and under General Settings select Allow my team to record outbound calls.


Setup Gong

  1. Import users to Gong and set them to record before integrating CallRail in Gong.

  2. Click Company settings > Data captureTelephony systems.

  3. Click  + Add telephony system.

  4. Select CallRail.

  5. Enter the account number and API key received from CallRail.

  6. Click CONNECT.

    You are now connected.

After you have configured CallRail, Gong is able to retrieve calls made by your users. Note that this is not retroactive, and only future calls are captured.

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