Caller trust protocols
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Caller trust protocols

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In some cases, when you make calls using Gong Connect, your call may appear to the recipient as spam or unknown. This may be due to either the recipient or caller carrier, and is the result of STIR/SHAKEN* protocols, which aim to prevent companies from caller ID spoofing on public telephone networks.

As a Gong verified customer, your company calls should go through, and will most likely be classified as Unknown, but this ultimately depends on the carriers.

If you’re experiencing issues, or want to increase the chance that your Gong Connect call goes through and is verified, we suggest that you register your number in the Free Caller Registry

Once your number is registered here, there is a greater chance that it will be identified as “Verified” by major US cellular providers. This process must be done separately for each number that you use to make calls via Gong Connect. The process can take a few weeks to complete.

If you’re experiencing issues with blocked calls or call identification, contact Gong Support.

*STIR/SHAKEN is a suite of protocols and procedures that have been implemented in the United States and Canada to combat robocalls.

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