Set up trusted calling
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Set up trusted calling

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Where to go: Click Company settings > Gong Connect

Your business phone numbers may appear as spam when calling a new prospect reducing the chance they will answer the phone. Set up trusted calling in order to prevent numbers being labeled as spam. This can be done immediately after getting business phone numbers or at a later time.


Setting up trusted calling is only relevant for companies based in the USA.Note

Setting up trusted calling for your company includes creating a business profile to provide the details necessary for registering your business phone numbers as trusted numbers. Then you activate the SHAKIN/STIR protocols which adds a digital certificate to your phone numbers so that you can be identified by the service provider. You can also set up voice integrity which registers your number with the service provider.

To set up trusted calling:

  1. If you have just chosen your business numbers you can set up your business profile after confirming the numbers.

    Otherwise, in the Trust hub tab, click Create profile to create a business profile.

  2. Enter your business details:

    • Legal Business Name

    • Business type

    • Business industry

    • Business Registration ID Type

    • Business Registration Number

    • Business Regions of Operations

    • Website Url

    • Social Media Profile URL

  3. Click Next

  4. In the Business address page, enter the main address for your company and click Next.

    We recommend providing an American address if possible, as some trusted calling features require this in order to register phone numbers as trusted. You can still register with a different business address, but some features may not be available to you.

  5. Enter the names of the people the providers should contact to verify your business details.

  6. Click + Add additional contact and enter the contact details as needed. Click Next.

  7. Accept the terms and conditions. Click Next.

  8. Accept the terms and conditions for adding SHAKEN/STIR protocols and click Next.

  9. Choose whether you want to set up Voice integrity for your company which registers your numbers with call providers to prevent them from marking the numbers as spam. Click Submit.

    Your details are submitted for approval and once the company details are verified your phone numbers are marked as trusted. In addition, any future numbers you may get are also automatically marked as trusted numbers.

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