Gong's strategies for preventing calls from being flagged as spam
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Gong's strategies for preventing calls from being flagged as spam

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Ensuring that your calls don’t appear as spam when reaching out to new prospects is essential to your success. Service providers play a crucial role in determining whether a phone call is flagged as spam, and when calls from specific phone numbers or service providers are frequently reported as unwanted or spam, it can impact the overall reputation of those numbers.

Gong takes several measures to help your calls reach your intended recipients, including the ability to set up trusted calling. These measures can be set up for companies using U.S. phone numbers.

What does Gong do to prevent your calls from being labeled as spam?

Trusted calling

Your admin can set up trusted calling as soon as you have business numbers, involving a quick process of creating a business profile with the necessary details for registering your business numbers as trusted numbers. For Gong to apply all of our spam prevention solutions to your company, you need to provide a U.S. address as part of the trusted calling registration process.

By setting up trusted calling, you can:

  • Activate SHAKIN/STIR protocols: This adds a digital certificate to your phone numbers, allowing you to be identified by the service provider.

  • Set up Voice Integrity: Voice Integrity allows you to register your numbers with call providers to prevent them from marking the numbers as spam.

  • Free Caller Registry: As a complementary part of setting up Voice Integrity, the Free Caller Registry allows you to register and approve phone numbers as legitimate.

Using local numbers

When using the Gong dialer, you can make calls within your continent. If you have a US number, you can call the US and Canada. EMEA numbers can call other EMEA numbers.

To make calls outside of your continent, your admin must provision the relevant business numbers. For example, if you're located in the US but you want to dial UK numbers, your admin must provision a UK number for you. This helps with conversion rates as call recipients are more likely to pick up calls from numbers within their locale.

Best practices

It's not recommended to use your personal number for outbound calls as personal numbers are often labeled as spam when used with the dialer. We recommend using virtual numbers for outbound calls and personal numbers for inbound calls, as the forwarding number.

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