When to use custom vocabulary
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When to use custom vocabulary

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A custom vocabulary enables you to add terms that relate to your business as trackers in Gong. This makes the term more recognizable to the Gong transcript engine, and you can also see and monitor stats for them.

Improve transcription accuracy by adding common misspellings based on pronunciation. Anywhere the misspelling appears in a transcript (per language), we’ll replace the misspelling with the correct term from your custom vocabulary.

Include words or names specific to your industry or domain (such as competitors or technologies), and define alternatives in different languages supported by Gong.

Richer transciptions: when the transcription engine recognizes term variation, it replaces it with the preferred spelling or format.

Common needs for custom vocabulary

Add terms to the custom vocabulary for the following:

  • The name of your company and competitors

  • Your products and features

  • Industry terms

  • Acronyms

Often, these terms can be niche and unique to your business. See Add a term to the custom vocabulary to learn how to add the terms yourself.

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