Create and manage scorecards
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Create and manage scorecards

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Where to go: Coaching > Manage Scorecards

Who’s this for: Business admin

Scorecards provide managers, enablement and reps the ability to rate and give feedback on a specific call. This structured approach to gathering feedback encourages consistency in review criteria, and produces data that teams can use to better coach and uplevel their people.

Create a scorecard

  1. Go to Coaching > Manage Scorecards.

  2. Click ADD A SCORECARD in the top left corner. Default scorecards, as well as any scorecards your company has created, are listed on the left.

  3. Enter a scorecard name and click ENTER. The scorecard will open on the right, and be arranged in alphabetical order along the left. Scorecard_Screenshot.png

  4. Every new scorecard comes with the question “How would you rate this call?”. By default, this question is mandatory and shown at the end of the scorecard, but you can edit the question or delete it. If you leave the question as mandatory, it enables your team to filter for calls according to how they were ranked in this question.

  5. Click ADD QUESTION to add additional questions. For each question, you have the following fields:

    Question: Enter question text.

    Question type: Choose from the following question types:

    • Range: Select from 0 to 50

    • Open-ended question

    • Yes/No question

    • Multi-select question: Add as many possible answers as you like. Users can select any or all of them.

    • Single-select question: Add as many possible answers as you like. Users can select one of them.

  6. Answer guide: Enter instructions, including internal links, to help people answer this question. These instructions will appear in the scorecard and can make it easier for people to answer the question consistently. (Currently in beta, so not available in all scorecards.)

  7. AI helpers: Gong AI makes it easier for people to answer questions quickly. Choose a smart tracker to help find parts in a call where a question's concept was mentioned. Learn more

  8. New scorecards are disabled by default. Toggle to Enable so that the scorecard will be visible in Gong.

  9. New scorecards are set to appear for all calls. To make the scorecard visible to certain calls only, click Change > and then apply filters to set which calls it's available for. For example, if you're setting up a scorecard for discovery calls, filter for your sales team and deals in the discovery stage.

  10. Click PUBLISH SCORECARD to make the scorecard live and available in Gong.

Rename, delete, or duplicate a scorecard

  1. To rename, remove, or duplicate a scorecard, locate the scorecard in the left panel.

  2. Click Button____1_.png beside its name and choose what you want to do.

  3. If the scorecard has never been used, you'll be able to delete it completely. If the scorecard has been used, you won't be able to delete it because it contains data. Instead, you'll be prompted to disable it, which means it will no longer appear for users.

Push scorecard stats to another source

Use the API to push stats for scorecard results out of Gong. Documentation can be found here.

Download scores

You can download scorecard scores as a CSV file that includes all of that scorecard's results for all team members, even if the scorecard is private.

  1. To download results, go to Coaching > Manage Scorecards, and locate the scorecard in the left panel.

  2. Double-click on the scorecard to open it in the right panel, and click Get results (CSV) at the top of the page.

    After confirmation, a spreadsheet is downloaded to your computer.

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